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Hi, I’m Danny Oak

Welcome to my little home on the Internet.

I am a writer and a learning enthusiast. I write mainly about online learning and everything around personal development.

I have always been interested in learning new concepts and skills, so my adult life has been filled with online courses and lots of written content, but I didn’t always put that knowledge into practice, and my learning techniques were also very basic, so the effectiveness of my learning was very poor.

In 2020 I switched my approach to learning and started to make plans for every new learning project, which completely changed my results and knowledge retention from the topics I studied.

Now I’m applying those same techniques consistently, working on new learning projects to become more skilled and closer to the person I want to be.

Becoming a better version of me is a passion; writing about my journey to become who I want to be is my mission.


What I do

I am a writer and a personal development enthusiast.

I invest in myself to be constantly learning new skills and I make sure I give good use to that investment by putting into practice what I learn.

My goal is to keep learning effectively and to help others doing the same by sharing my experiences.

In a time where knowledge is at a distance of a click, knowing how to use it is the real power. I try to help by showing you how I do it.


Blog Posts

A collection of stories about writing, learning tactics, self-development, and habits that I publish online.

You can read them here.


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Contacting Me

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