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About Me


Hello, I’m Danny.

Once deeply rooted in the Personal Growth space, I’ve now found my true calling in the realm of Online Communities. Witness my journey and insights through my newsletter and Twitter.

My Mission

My experiences with online communities have not only shaped my understanding but also led me to a pivotal role as the Community Manager for the cohort-based course “Think in Frameworks.” These digital tribes have showcased their transformative power time and again. My mission is to share this profound impact with you, emphasizing how online communities can enrich and transform our lives. Through my writings and insights, I aim to inspire and guide you to embrace the potential of these vibrant digital spaces.

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You can also check out the archives if you want to see the past editions.

A Glimpse into Danny’s World:

  • A daily writer and an avid reader.
  • Proudly residing in Portugal with his wonderful girlfriend and their witty son.
  • Embraces the invigorating chill of cold showers.
  • Sports enthusiast, with a particular fondness for football (yes, the one with feet).
  • A survivor of 10 metal screws in his legs; only one stands the test of time.
  • A connoisseur of dystopian & post-apocalyptic narratives. Need tips on wilderness survival or crafting an anti-zombie barricade? I’m your go-to.
  • And, most importantly, Danny Oak does write in the third person, but only on rare, special occasions.

Let’s Connect

Whether you’re keen on collaboration or simply wish to share your thoughts on online communities, I’m all ears. Reach out through my contacts page.